How To Tell Someone Is Lying To You...

This was interesting as I've heard about this a few times already this month.

I've always wondered how someone was able to decipher when someone was lying to them about something. One tell tale or what you should look for is their eyes. At the same time, these pathological liars who have honed these skills for many years might be good at not giving it away with their eyes. Some of these liars are so good that they could look you dead in the eyes and not even blink when they are lying through their teeth. 

Apparently this depends on what their dominant hands are. If they are right-handed when they lie, they will look to the right. When they look to the left, they are actually telling the truth. I would think that's the same with the dominant left-handed people.

However, I found an article that touches more on this topic: I'm pretty sure there are tons of articles touching on this topic. I would read all of that and come up with a hypothesis on my own. However, you know at the end of the day, you won't really know who's lying to you or not.


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